Website Testing

Even the best websites can have underlying issues and that's where our free website check can help. We’ll run a series of automated tests as well as looking at the design and usability of your site. We’ll combine all our findings into a report which will highlight any potential issues and give advice on how to fix the problems.

Please note - free tests are currently only available for domains that are registered to a UK address and are limited to one test per customer.

Our free check will run on your home page and includes the following:

  • Speed - test how long the page takes to load and highlight where improvements can be made.
  • Viruses - scan for viruses that could be lurking on your site.
  • Responsiveness - look at how your site works on different screen sizes from mobile to widescreen.
  • Design - comment on the overall look and feel of the site.
  • Browsers - test your website on a number of different browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Navigation - test that links from your home page work as expected.
  • Accessibility - check the page can be used by visually impaired and keyboard users.

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