Terms and Conditions

We try to keep our terms and conditions as simple as possible but if any of the points below aren't clear then please contact us for clarification.


Referral scheme

Sign up for the referral scheme

In simple terms, we supply person A with a referral code. If they pass the referral code to person B and person B mentions this when ordering a website, then on completion of the website:

  • Person A will receive £10
  • Person B will get free hosting of their website for the first year and will also get a free .uk or .com domain

Further details for person A in our example above:

  • Payments will be made via PayPal
  • Payments through other methods may be considered so please contact us if you do not wish to use PayPal
  • Payment will only be made after person B has paid for their website in full
  • We do not deduct tax from payments so person A is fully responsible for ensuring they pay any tax due on all earnings
  • If person A wishes to refer someone outside of the United Kingdom then please contact us with details first, otherwise we may not be able to pay a referral fee

Further details for person B in our example above:

  • If a valid referral code is provided then we will host the website for free for the first year
  • We will also provide a free .uk or .com domain for the first year
  • Other domain extensions are not included in this offer


Competition - which design is best

Each user completing the survey with automatically be given a unique £10 discount code.

  • The code can only be used with our services
  • The code can only be used once
  • There is no cash equivalent

Any user signing up to the newsletter is automatically entered into a prize draw and could win £100 of our services.

  • Only one prize of £100 worth of services will be awarded
  • The code can only be used once
  • There is no cash equivalent
  • The user will be randomly drawn at the end of the survey period 
  • Users can un-subscribe from our newsletter at any time
  • Name and email addresses may be stored on a third-party emailing system but will not be shared with any other parties unless we are legally required to do so